Entrepreneur Mom Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Looking for the perfect gift for the #bossmom entrepreneur in your life? Check out these top-rated items that any mother hustler is sure to love.

Sparkle, Hustle, Grow Subscription Box.

With over 200 5-star reviews, this subscription box is a hit! Not only does this box include the things her creative mind craves, it also comes once a month (or however long you choose) as a surprise gift she'll be so excited to open. Here is how Crate Box describes this entrepreneur-inspired box: “Sparkle. Hustle. Grow. 3 things that you can easily achieve when you subscribe to our monthly entrepreneur subscription! The items included support personal growth, your business (with valuable tools + training) and connects you with other passionate female entrepreneurs! Treat yourself to the #BestBusinessExpenseEver!”

  • A personal development or business-focused book each month
  • Access to incredible monthly business trainings by experts
  • 4 to 6 items like chic office supplies, tech gadgets and stationary

Ember Temperature Control Mug

Honestly, I can't believe these aren't more popular and widely-available. Iced coffee should be a conscious choice, not a consequence of parenting+working. Moms everywhere are used to drinking cold coffee. She DESERVES a warm cup of coffee. With this adorable mug she can set her perfect temperature and take as long as she needs to finish her forever-warm cup of joe.

Neck & Shoulder Massager

Parenting stress + entrepreneurship stress = a whole lot of stress. Most of that will end up in her neck and shoulders. This handy item was made to help with that. It isn't the same as a real, live human masseuse, but it costs less and will work anytime, anywhere she wants it to.

Uber Eats Gift Card

Take it from a mom with experience. When you're working on a big project while also raising humans, sometimes home-cooked meals just aren't possible everyday. Uber Eats comes to the rescue with delivery from almost any restaurant within a certain distance from her home.

An Audible Membership

Entrepreneur read books. Lots of them. Audible allows them to listen to their favorite books while they're doing other things like driving or working out. A boss mom's time is already limited, so she'll cherish the ability to satisfy her desire for information while she conquers motherhood. You can give her a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscription.

Livescribe Smart Pen

Livescribe smart pens work by recording everything you hear and write and allows you to easily transfer your notes to your friends, PC, or Mac device. In a world of tech, we sometimes forget how valuable the written, as in with a pen, word can be. This combines old school hand writing with modern technology and is a pretty cool gadget she is sure to use and love.

Entrepreneurs Anonymous Merchandise

Being anentrepreneurcan be extremely isolating and lonely, especially if you're working from home. Entrepreneurs Anonymous is an incredible organization aiming to provide support for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Their merchandise is adorned with the easily recognizable symbolthat serves as a beacon to the entrepreneur community that you are “one of us”. Bonus–the creator of We are EA is a kick-ass entrepreneur too!

Touchscreen Winter Gloves

If she lives in a climate where she experiences the cold of winter, she'll likely want to wear gloves. If she's an entrepreneur, she likely won't because she'll still need to use her touchscreen devices. Give her the gift of warm hands while working with winter gloves that are touchscreen enabled!

Itunes Gift Card

Itunes gift cards are awesome because they can be used for nearly ANYTHING techy. Send an email version and you'll officially sing the song of her heart. “Give them the gift of apps, books, TV shows, 50 million songs, and more. Cards can be used on the iTunes Store, the App Store, and Apple Books, and toward Apple Music subscriptions. Personalize it with a gift message and your choice of denomination.”

A good meal with good friends.

If you really want to treat her right this holiday season, give her the gift of your time. Moms get really lonely. Entrepreneurs get really lonely. So she's probably double lonely, at least some of the time. Give her the gift of adult conversation over a dinner she doesn't need to cook or clean up. She'll love you for it!


Whether you're offering to babysit yourself or you're offering to pay for a babysitter of her choice–it's the actual offering of this service that is the magical gift that moms dream of. Add this to the meal with friends and you'll win gift-giver of the year! Real talk though–quality care is hard to find. Many people don't have reliable family or friends they can count on to babysit. Good babysitters can be EXPENSIVE. Add in multiple children and it's almost not even worth it to hire one. Make the decision easier for her by paying for it or offering to do it yourself. It will be forever known as the greatest gift of all time.

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