top tips for working from home

Top Tips for Working From Home

I’ve been working from home full-time for the last three years, so fortunately for me, this isn’t new territory. Somehow I’ve managed to not grow a hunchback, develop a 10 am drinking habit, or gain twenty lbs. You can too! Here are my simple tips for increasing efficiency, productivity, and saving time and your sanity.


Don't immediately wake up and check your email or social media. Doing so allows the content of those things to define your entire day. Instead, wake up, drink a tall glass of water, get dressed (like not wearing the pajamas you wore to bed dressed), and go for a walk. Leave your phone at home. Clear your mind and decide for yourself how your day is going to go. Allow yourself to be open to new opportunities and receiving new blessings. Read the book Miracle Morning for more great info regarding how your mornings can define your whole life.


I highly recommend not working from your bed, or the couch, or the kitchen table as much as you can help it. Having your work station separate from your living/lounging/eating space keeps your work and non-work life separate. Trust me, you don’t want the two to start blurring together. You also don’t want crumbs in your keyboard.


The best thing I ever did for my posture was getting an Uplift Standing Desk and balance stool. Standing is so much better for you, even in small increments. Plus, you’ll burn more calories, start utilizing your glutes, and feel more energized and productive while you work. The balance stool works so that when you do sit, it forces you to sit upright and actively balance yourself, forcing correct posture and engaged muscles.


I use BlockSite to block certain time-sucking sites from my computer so that I don’t get distracted. I also use Toggl to track my time on each task. These are both free in the Google Chrome extension store. I utilize the Screen Time app on my iPhone to block certain apps as well. I set timers throughout the day to remind myself to get up, take a walk, and drink some water. I also set timers to remind myself that I’m a badass empire-building mother trucker, but that one’s optional. 😉


This goes along with setting timers. You want to get up and moving at *least* every 60 minutes, but once every half an hour is even better. Take 5-10 minutes to switch out the laundry, take your dog for a walk, do some yoga, eat a healthy snack, drink a glass of water, or clean something. If you’re like me and you’re working from home while also now homeschooling, take this time to take your kids for a quick walk or have a quick kitchen dance party to get the wiggles out.


It’s imperative to be done working when you’re done working. It can be hard to shut it off mentally, and I’m super guilty of this, but that’s where timers and time tracking come in handy. When your workday is over, turn it off, leave your office, and mentally check out just as you would if you were leaving the workplace. I know in our current circumstances we’re not left with much else to do, but I encourage you to seek out new hobbies like cooking, painting, or home improvement. Read some new books, or start a new exercise routine. Exercise is especially important if you have a desk job. You don’t want to turn into a desk blob.


This doesn't apply to everyone, obviously. But if your job is really so awful that you can't make it through the day without a drink, then I recommend looking for new opportunities. Start by listening to podcasts, there are SO many good ones out there. I highly recommend Jesse, Smart Passive Income, Screw the Nine to Five, Flipped Lifestyle, and Epic Success. You'll find everything you need to create a new, more fulfilling path for yourself if you just start there. Also, your brain needs water. So whether you're having a midday cocktail or not, make sure to drink at least a gallon of water a day!

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